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21-23 November
Grand Millennium


Plan each day with our downloadable agenda


  • Governance Focus Day: Monday 21 November 2022
  • Conference Day 1: Tuesday 22 November 2022
  • Conference Day 2: Wednesday 23 November 2022
8:30-8:55am NZDT
Register; grab a coffee. Mix, mingle and say hello to peers old and new.
08:55-9:05am NZDT
Welcome from Corinium and the Chairperson

Angela Zhao, Platform Owner – Data Governance and Quality, Genesis

9:05-9:20am NZDT
Audience Interactive: What is your Greatest Data Management Challenge?

This 15-minute audience engagement session is open to the entire room. The Chair will share their opinion on the topic and then pass the ‘mic’ to the audience. Delegates will have the opportunity to voice out their insights, challenges and learnings through an open-mic set up. This will set the stage for future questions and encourage our speakers to address the delegates’ queries as we go through the day.

9:20-10:05am NZDT
Data Literacy – the bridge from misery to hope

Data Literacy is often described as the ability to read, work with, analyse and communicate with data. So, how do organisations become Data Literate across their entire enterprise, irrespective of its size?

This session will levelset attendees’ understanding of the criticality, components and characteristics of a Data Literacy programme. Whether planning an individual, group or enterprise learning journey, Anwar will suggest multiple perspectives that ought to be considered.

This session will

  • Provide an outline of the critical components of a Data Literacy programme
  • Present the decision criteria for a balance of internal and external content
  • Propose an approach to assign key responsibilities e.g. content, platform, deployment etc.
  • Offer tips & tricks for your programme journey


Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy & Governance, FedEx Express EU

10:05-10:35am NZDT
Always on Data Assurance - balancing compliance, risk, and value


Eric Yamashita, Data Management and Governance Specialist, dataxchange

Bryan Brook, Data Management and Governance Specialist, dataxchange

10:35-11:05am NZDT
Building Data and Analytics self-sufficiency at scale
  • Federated CoE approach globally
  • Managing significant growth
  • How to achieve real success increasing data democratisation across the organisation
  • Building trust in data
  • Ensuring your governance and data literacy fundamentals are in place and appropriate for the audience


Mark Modricker, Head of Data Analytics, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Penelope Maxwell, Data Analytics Lead, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

11:05-11:35am NZDT
Morning Coffee: Get refreshed! Mingle
11:35am - 12:15pm NZDT
The change aspect of building a governance framework for Data and Analytics

Initiatives across enterprises large and small alike are often hampered by poor data quality and ungrounded expectations on analytics (processing and analysing data for business advantage). Additionally, a changing legal and regulatory landscape is driving demand for effective data & analytics governance. Yet, governing Data & Analytics continues to take over our time and drain our resources. At its core, successful governance requires making our people do something they are not currently doing and making a business change its ways. Using case studies from my consulting experience across multiple organisations, this talk centers around changing the way people and organisations behave to successfully govern Data & Analytics.


Bryan Ng, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

12:15-1:00pm NZDT
Panel discussion: Viewing Data Governance through a Risk Lens
  • Deciding the critical data elements of each business
  • A risk-based approach to data quality and lineage
  • Private information and how to manage it
  • Ensuring Data risk is minimised from a strategic and operational point of view
  • Managing issues of stewardship and custodianship
  • Where is our data and what data do we have? Why is there a habit of always collecting?
  • Life cycle management and data disposal
  • How the data asset is required, acquired and used
  • Using awareness and education to encourage business units to take more ownership of their data
  • Bringing the data under the appropriate technical controls


Bryan Ng, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise


Sharon Abbott, Head of Data Governance, NZ, ANZ  

Angela Zhao, Platform Owner - Data Governance and Quality, Genesis 

Kevin Sweeney, Principal Advisor, Stats NZ

1:10-2:10pm NZDT
Mix and Mingle over Lunch
2:10-2:55pm NZDT
Panel discussion: Building Data and Analytics Self-service into your organisation

Exploring the creation of a modern data and analytics hub, this case study will dive into the organisational design, operating model and architecture that enables business teams to self-serve whilst supporting engineering innovation and governance.

This panel will discuss the many shared elements of transformations.

It will also look at:

  • Ensuring your governance and data literacy fundamentals are in place and appropriate for the audience
  • Maximising what data is available to your business units and how they can interpret it
  • How to achieve real success increasing data literacy across the organisation
  • How do you know you trust the data you have been given?

Gladwin Mendez, Virtual CDAO, and Advisory Board Member, Corinium Global Intelligence

Nitya Shankar, Change Lead, Data Central, Westpac 

Ratneesh Suri, Head of Data Transformation, Genesis 

Brian Ferris, Chief Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, Loyalty New Zealand

2:55 - 3:45pm NZDT


Discussion Group: Moving Forward with Robust, Quality Data

There’s always better strategies and ideas to strengthen and better the quality of your data.


Chris Collins, Co-founder and Chair of trustees, Tango Kilo Mike, Data Governance Principal | Data and Analytics, Air New Zealand

Scott Brooker, Head of Business Intelligence, Yellow New Zealand
3:45 - 4:15pm NZDT
Afternoon Coffee and Conversation


4:15 NZDT
Conclusion of Pre-Event Focus Day
8:30-9:05am NZDT
Register; grab a coffee. Mix, mingle and say hello to peers old and new.
9:05 - 09:10 NZDT
Welcome from Corinium and the Chairperson

Gladwin Mendez, Virtual CDAO, and Advisory Board Member, Corinium Global Intelligence

9:10-9:55am NZDT
International Keynote Presentation: Data – An Imperative Business Strategy Enabler

This insightful keynote will put Value and Business Objectives at the forefront of Data Strategy delivery. Anwar will describe how ‘Data assets’ are monetised and mobilised to deliver business critical outcomes by embedding the appropriate processes, controls and measures into standard business practices.

Having adaptable Data strategies are a business imperative and this session will inspire

a practical and pragmatic approach toward value delivery. This keynote will

  • Put Data Strategy, Implementation Approach, Operating Methodology, Frameworks and Culture into context
  • Provide tips and guidance towards making key Stakeholders & Leadership more Data Literate
  • Explain how the Strategy Roadmap becomes the driver for prioritising Data Resources, Tooling and Initiatives
  • Present a Data Governance Framework as the key enabler to Business Pain Points


Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy & Governance, FedEx Express EU

9:55-10:20am NZDT
Overcoming your biggest headache: Dealing with data systems changing using a Data Fabric

It's well understood that the business' demand for integrated usable data will continue to be more expansive, complex and need to be highly adaptable. It is equally understood that it is inevitable that in a week, a month and year, your organisation will have key data systems changes that will delay the accessibility to data delivery, reduce the accuracy of data or introduce duplication and distrust in the data used. Enter business frustration. It's also why CDO's, Heads of D&A and IT Data Platform teams are trying to accelerate their plans to modernise legacy systems and end user tools to capitalise on what the cloud and SaaS data management tools purport to offer.   

BUT, is this really fixing a fundamental problem between producers of data and ultimately the consumers of data to improve decisioning and business processes? Especially when the average lead time to create a new dataset takes 6-8 weeks and costs up to $200,000 per change. Data, like software systems and organisations themselves, constantly change, yet in many instances the design of data management and delivery doesn't seem to properly account for the fact that sources of data ,consumers of data and organisational processes also constantly change. Cloud compute and storage doesn't fix this problem. 

In this talk you will learn how a Data Fabric, through Data Virtualization fundamentally overcomes these issues to reduce the complexity, lead time, governance and accessibility of unifying data without the typical overheads of traditional data management approaches. In addition, you will learn how a Data Fabric through Data Virtualization unlocks much greater value from a Data Lake strategy, to reduce cost, time, effort and skills required to make better use of your Cloud and on premise systems.


Ben Henshall, Regional Vice President & General Manager - Australia & New Zealand, Denodo

10:20-10:45am NZDT
Keynote Presentation: Analytics Leadership
  • Getting to the top table
  • Cultivating a high performance analytics team
  • Priorities for Analytics Leaders
  • Starting out as a new analytics leader


Kari Jones, GM Analytics & Insights, Woolworths

10:45-11:15am NZDT
Morning Coffee and Connect
11:15-11:40am NZDT
Keynote presentation: What do we Need to Prepare for Next?

In the fast-paced data environment, there is always a new horizon and new ideas to learn and put to practice. Get ready for the next adventure in data!


Sonya Crosby, Chief Data Officer, Westpac New Zealand Limited

11:40-12:05pm NZDT
Setting your Data Strategy in a world of clouds, cyber threats and the next wave of AI and Deep Learning

How can you democratise your data?  How can you manage data costs?  How do you protect against ransomware?  How do you get your data restored quickly?  What should you be considering to best prepare for AI and Deep Learning?   Join us as we address these questions and share a customer case study.


Howard Anthony Fyffe, Managing Director, VAST Data Australia Pty. LTD

Diego Nievas, Director of Product and Technology Innovation, Plan B LTD

12:05-12:30pm NZDT
Building trust, or eroding trust? How to innovate and evolve to enable faster delivery of trusted customer-focused solutions

This session will demonstrate how Stuff's core belief to "Follow No One" has influenced the building of an innovative data & insights strategy.  


Dina Hay, Chief Data and Insights Officer, Stuff

12:30-1:10pm NZDT
Keynote Panel Discussion: Ready for What’s Coming Next: What do Data & Analytics Leaders Need to do to Adapt, Survive & Thrive in 2022 and Beyond?
  • How do you balance developing a strategic approach to data and analytics, with the need to remain flexible to adapt to the changing needs, priorities and goals of the wider organisation?
  • How can you ensure that you are best positioned to successfully tackle future challenges and exploit upcoming opportunities?
  • What are the true requirements for effective leadership in the future?
  • How can you position data analytics as crucial for the long term, not just the immediate future?


Tanveer Singh Bal, Director, Business Development, Tiger Analytics


Anna Tarasoff, General Manager Data, BNZ

Peter Gavin, GM, Data & Analytics, ANZ

David Thomas, Group Manager Data, Analytics & Insights, Genesis

Andrew Bates, Chief Technology Officer, Harmoney

Evelyn Wareham, Chief Data and Insights Officer, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

1:10-2:10pm NZDT
Lunch Break! Connect and Converse
Breakout Sessions
TRACK A: Interactive Presentations TRACK B: Group Discussions
2:10-2:45pm NZDT

Snowflake - the modern data cloud


Discussion Group: Embedding data enabled decision making as part of business DNA 

Snowflake was built from the ground up for the cloud. It is not bound by the limitations of a legacy on-premises solution ported to the cloud. Its multi-cluster shared data architecture separates compute from storage, enabling customers to elastically scale, up and down, automatically or on the fly. Users experience virtually unlimited concurrency without contention. 

Store and access your structured, semistructured, and unstructured data in one location.  

Use Snowflake Marketplace to securely acquire 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services—all without having to move or copy data. 

Attend this session for a closer look at the Snowflake Data Cloud, see what makes Snowflake different from other data platforms, why we have an NPS of 72 and understand why New Zealand’s leading organisations have placed Snowflake at the center of their data estate.


Regan Murphy, Principal Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Selling your data story within your business - Balancing the art of the possible with your ability to deliver and meet expectations
  • Communicating to the company what data they need to move forward
  • Data and its ROI
  • Business case for investment in data platforms
  • Operational efficiencies can drive cost savings
  • Single Customer View/Customer 360 a pivotal requirement for enterprises
  • Positioning data as a profit or cost-saving arm of the business

Discussion leaders:

Kitty Ling, Head of Strategic Enablement, Countdown Supermarkets

Wesley Shen, Head of Data & Insights, Kiwi Property

Adele Marshall, Head of Data & Analytics, Fletcher NZ Distribution (Placemakers / Mico) 


2:45-3:20pm NZDT

Getting to the top table as a Data & Analytics Leader


Discussion Group: Powering cultural change - How to drive data governance, stewardship and collaboration

How to become a organisational strategy enabler, gain trust with your stakeholders and take the organisation on a journey to be data led

Cyrus Facciano, Director, X is Y

Siloed data and limited automation make it quite challenging to gain relevant insights from data to make critical business decisions and generate growth opportunities.

In this session, hear firsthand Alation customer Loyalty NZ journey as they share how you can use the Alation data intelligence platform to:

  • Drive cultural change using the platform's intuitive interface
  • Catalogue huge data volumes
  • Build a foundation of trusted data to empower users to break down silos and turn data assets into insights and actions

Discussion leaders:

James Wood, Head of Data Platforms, Loyalty NZ
Stuart LeGros, Account Executive, Alation 

3:20-3:55pm NZDT

Changing landscape of Data Management


Discussion Group: How Data literacy and storytelling are the next key skills for Data teams

Over the past few years we have seen a rapid transition to the cloud due to covid and an accelerated perspective on data in cloud and data management. 

But Pre-Covid era, data projects were often not understood by Executives and hence not given priority or budget. Although change is in the midst, the corporate governance community need to continue the education across Enterprise and Government to garner support for business-critical data projects.



Brad Starr, PreSales Director, Informatica

Alex Newman, Sales Director, Informatica



Enhancing your organisation’s data literacy and confidence will take your organisation towards greater efficiency, credibility, and increase the effectiveness of your business decisions.

Within the next few years the area of Data Literacy, and the services around it, will be as common in D&A teams as reporting and data warehousing is today. Businesses need to be doing something, or at least planning something, with respect to Data Literacy, now. This session will examine:

  • Data Literacy – what does this actually look like and how to make this part of your organisation?
  • Democratisation of data - how to put useful data in hands of the business
  • Improving your team’s story telling skills to turn data into actionable insights
  • Establishing the business context of your data - What are the numbers actually saying?

Discussion leaders:

Evelyn Wareham, Chief Data and Insights Officer, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Agate Ponder-Sutton, Chief Data Scientist, Ministry of Education of New Zealand


3:55- 4:25pm NZDT
Afternoon tea ☕
4:25-4:50pm NZDT
Implementing a data maturity assessment: Getting the foundations right

While data maturity assessments have long been available as a tool to help organisations understand and improve their data practice, the foundations upon which they are established and implemented are not necessarily understood or articulated in a way to maximise their value.  Kevin will talk about his experience leading work for the Government Chief Data Steward/Stats NZ to develop a Data Maturity Assessment for the New Zealand government, and the importance of a clear set of maturity, data capability, and reporting foundations to guide the effort.


Kevin Sweeney, Principal Advisor, Stats NZ

4:50-5:15pm NZDT
No Bad Apples: Improving Demand Forecasting in Supply Chains

For 124 years, T&G Global has produced and exported fresh produce sourced from over 1200 Kiwi growers. Embarking on a transformative AI journey, T&G sought to improve demand forecasting, reduce waste and increase revenue. In this fireside chat, Head of Digital & Analytics, Colin Fallon shares how the business overcame barriers to change, bringing departments together to improve forecasting accuracy and deliver real AI impact for the business. 


Colin Fallon, Head of Digital & Analytics, T&G Global 

Moderated by: Michael Barnes, Account Director, New Zealand, DataRobot 

5:15 - 5:40pm NZDT
Small Team, Big Dream - Accelerating Adoption through a Successful Data Driven Culture


David Thomas, Group Platform Owner Data, Genesis

5:40 - 6:10pm NZDT
Keynote panel: Data Governance, Privacy and Ethics

The core tenants of a data driven culture are: data consolidation, access to data, education & awareness, and decision empowerment.

  • How effective can protections around data be?
  • Tackling the inherent tension between open data and privacy – how to bridge the gap between security and public engagement?
  • Successful strategies to champion governance initiatives.
  • How should data ethics inform your policy?
  • What are some practical examples of said steps being implemented at organisations?
  • Policies and procedures around acceptable behaviour
  • Training to ensure the business can meet the above needs
  • Privacy by design: Incorporating that into data so that it spreads out across the organisation
  • How do we bring data privacy to life – not just in data world, but in new products and services?
  • Building a culture of considering customer data up front


Kate Kolich, Assistant Governor/General Manager Information, Data and Analytics, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Mazen Kassis, Head of Data & Analytics, foodstuffs North Island

Rebecca Holdsworth, Head of Privacy and Compliance, Vodafone

Rachel O'Brien, Head of Privacy & Data Ethics, Bank of New Zealand

Sharon Abbott, Head of Data Governance, NZ, ANZ

6:10pm NZDT
Close of Day One
6:10 - 7:30pm NZDT
Data at Dusk - CDAO Cocktail Reception & Networking

Continue the conversations in a fun and entertaining way

8:30-9:00am NZDT
Register, grab a coffee, mix, mingle and say hello to peers old and new.
9:00-9:05am NZDT
Welcome from Corinium and the Chairperson

Gladwin Mendez, Virtual CDAO, and Advisory Board Member, Corinium Global Intelligence

9:05-9:30am NZDT
Keynote Presentation: The New Zealand Data System: Insights from Government

Mark will be presenting as the Government Chief Data Steward on the work happening across the government data system, as well as some of the initiatives that reach beyond government into the private sector.


Mark Sowden, Chief Executive, Stats NZ

9:30-9:55am NZDT
Beyond Dashboards and Trend Analysis

What happens when you take away the overhead of upgrades and patches and move beyond dashboards and trend analysis? Find out how Ando Insurance has utilised Qlik Sense Cloud to reduce operational risk to areas such as the Russian sanctions; uncover and reduce geographical over insurance exposure; improve payment cash flow, significantly increase user adoption and help focus underwriting staff time on actions that matter.

Josh Reid, Head of Pricing and Analytics, Ando Insurance Group Limited

9:55-10:20am NZDT
Accelerating Adoption through a Successful Data Driven Culture


Agate Ponder-Sutton, Chief Data Scientist, Ministry of Education of New Zealand

10:20-10:45am NZDT
The Democratisation of Analytics - Scale the Impact of Analytics Across the Organisation 

It’s no secret that smart organisations want to make more decisions fueled by data and analytics – but relatively few have breakthrough success.  A recent study showed that 97% of organisations are investing in big data and AI technologies but only 23% report being data driven.  What’s the bottleneck? Complex disparate data silos, a lack of data and analytic talent, inefficient and manual processes, and a lack of data literacy remain top inhibitors. What if an organisation could upskill its workforce so all business teams and knowledge workers could use data and analytics to solve their companies most vexing challenges?  There is a way – a proven method – that helps organisations democratise analytics across an organisation. 

Join this session to understand: 

  • The stages of analytics maturity
  • The divide between people and technology
  • The unbalanced spending on data and analytics technologies
  • A better way to do things – democratise analytics


Heidi Badgery, Managing Director, ANZ, Alteryx

10:45-11:10am NZDT
Keynote Presentation: Bringing product thinking to a platform build: The genesis, growth and adoption of XADE, Xero's Analytical Data Environment


Kendra Vant, Executive GM Data, ML & AI, Xero

11:10-11:40am NZDT
Morning tea ☕
11:40-12:05pm NZDT
Achieving Automation in the Modern Data Stack: Prioritize Efficiency and Speed

Companies are pressed to deliver business value from data faster than ever, yet a splintered technology landscape holds back progress and allows inefficiencies to fester.  We make the case to consolidate the data value chain, by augmenting smart engineering practices with the strategic use of automation.  The results span not only accelerated velocity and higher quality data products, but also long-term efficiencies, simplified observability, and increased reliability in the data stack.


Michael Leppitsch, Global Head of Alliances, Ascend.io

12:05pm-12:30pm NZDT
Data science in New Zealand's health reforms - seizing the opportunity


Kevin Ross, CEO, Precision Driven Health

12:30pm-1:05pm NZDT
Keynote Panel: How Can You Create an Agile & Adaptable Data Analytics Environment?
  • With changing customer demands and business priorities, the needs of the organisation are changing constantly. How can the data analytics function remain focused yet flexible?
  • How do you foster better relationships between different departments – data science, IT and other business lines? Save the data silo rebellion! Save the dream!
  • How do you demonstrate both short and long-term value from data & analytics?
  • Can you have agility without following the Agile approach? What are the benefits and drawbacks to each and how do you overcome these?
  • How can data help the business to be nimbler?
  • Pre and post covid: What themes do you see driving agility for businesses?


Gladwin Mendez, Advisory Board Member, Corinium Global Intelligence


Terri Carajannis, Chief Digital Officer, Harrison Grierson

Tighe Wall, Chief Digital Officer, Contact Energy Ltd

Ratneesh Suri, Head of Data and Analytics, Ports of Auckland

Miles Fordyce, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ)

Tony Aitken, GM Data and Analytics, Auckland Transport

1:05-2:05pm NZDT
2:05-2:30pm NZDT
Case study: Sustaining AI & Cognition in an uncertain environment


Ganesh Selvaraj, Data, Analytics & AI – Architect, Strategy & Transformation, and Principal Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics & AI Lead, Regulatory Intelligence, Worksafe New Zealand

2:30-2:55pm NZDT
Closing Keynote: Data Literacy, and Partnerships for Sustaining Change and Scalability

This session will examine Loyalty NZ’s new model that has built a very close partnership between the data and technology teams, and the business teams. We will look at the big results being won as a result of these partnerships, and the lessons learned along the way. It will also look at their data literacy programme, biases and why they matter, and why humans are destined to make bad decisions with data.


Brian Ferris, Chief Data, Analytics and Technology Officer, Loyalty New Zealand

2:55 - 3:30pm NZDT
Afternoon Tea
3:30pm NZDT
Close of CDAO Auckland 2022