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Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand

Auckland, 7-8 November, 2018

Announcing ‘The Project’ Finalists

Congratulations to our finalists of Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand's ‘The Project’ – Andrew Crowe – This Side Up, Jason Greenwood - HealthPost and Jody Bullen - ANZ

Thank you to all who entered the competition.

Each of these finalists will be presenting at the upcoming Chief Data & Analytics Officer New Zealand, where they will not only be sharing their ideas and case studies, but will also be vying for the title and to win the Data Champions Trophy.

The audience will vote on their favourite project presented, no standard metrics just based on audience chills and thrills. Awarding the winner the all important bragging rights, and our ‘Data Champions’ trophy.


Andrew Crowe - NZ Project
Andrew Crowe,
Digital Performance Manager,
This Side Up
Andrew Crowe has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Finance, and has been working in the digital marketing field since 2014.
With his data focused mind, Andrew quickly took to mastering the analytics field within the digital marketing industry, and has been providing huge amounts of value to clients by generating clever insights from their datasets through his unique approach to analysis.
Over his time at This Side Up, Andrew has developed a reputation within the NZ marketing industry as a web-metrics expert and his ability to understand a client's business along with delivering well aligned and innovative data insights gives This Side Up clients a massive edge on their competitors.
Andrew currently heads up the analytics operations at This Side Up within his role as the agency's Digital Performance Manager.
Andrew's Presentation: Harrisons Group: Leveraging Data To Win Online
This project outlines a very innovative and clever approach to solving a challenging marketing problem for a client of This Side Up. Through understanding the needs of our client and using out of the box thinking, Andrew and his team were able to meet the desired outcomes of the project and as a result lead Harrisons Group to returning some of the best business performance they have seen in their history.
The project centres around the Google Ads platform and utilises cutting edge features, connections to bespoke data sources, machine learning methods and the generation of insightful data reporting tools to deliver spectacular value to the Harrisons marketing team and business as a whole.


Jason Greenwood - NZ Project
Jason Greenwood,
eCommerce Manager, 

Jason is eCommerce Manager for HealthPost, based in Auckland, New Zealand. HealthPost are New Zealand’s largest online retailer of natural health products – shipping to NZ and the world for almost 30 years. Jason has worked in the digital space for over 15 years, both agency and merchant side. Jason also creates a wide variety of industry related content to help organisations up their digital and eCommerce game.

Jason's Presentation: Using Structured Data to Create a Spectacular Customer Experience

We sought to collect structured data on over 70 product attributes (eg: vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc) related to our catalogue of over 5000 products (from over 200 suppliers) we sell on our eCommerce websites.
The purpose of this was to ensure a consistent 'interpretation' of these attributes (we defined them), as well as the ability to surface these on the site in various ways (eg: faceted navigation, product compare, product pages etc) so that customers would be able to better search, find and purchase products that are right for them.
We have been in the data collection and sanitation phase for over 12 months now and will begin to surface the outputs of this work on our new re-platform/site launch in January 2019.
No other business in our vertical in APAC has attempted such an ambitious project related to product attributes and structured data.


Jody ANZ - NZ Project
Jody Bullen, 
Analysis and Data Capability Lead - Digital,
Jody's Presentation: The story of the impossible singing Canary
Some people said it couldn’t be done but we’ve championed a new way of working @ ANZ using data to deliver customer value faster in our customers’ most popular digital channel by:
• Collaborating and aligning capabilities and skills across Data, Digital and Technology to shorten our release, learning and feedback cycles.
• Empowering our teams with tools, timely relevant data and feedback capability to test, learn and iterate.
• Cultivating an agile, experimental and data-driven culture change – This was a BIG one!

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