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21-23 November
Grand Millennium


Data’s most pressing challenges and opportunities: How do you compare?

With more than 50 data and analytics experts scheduled to speak at CDAO Auckland, 21-23 November 2022, we want to give you a chance to get to know a few of them a bit better. We spoke with the following speakers for a deep dive into what they think are the most pressing challenges and opportunities in data:

  • Mazen Kassis, Head of Data & Analytics, foodstuffs North Island
  • Kevin Sweeney, Principal Advisor, Stats NZ
  • Anwar Mirza, Data Strategy & Governance, FedEx Express EU

We asked them:

  • How have you seen data and analytics become a supporter of business goals in ways it may not have before? 
  • How do we foster a data positive culture, and empower teams the broader organisation to use data? 
  • What are the biggest challenges that you see in data and analytics and what is your strategy to address them? 
  • What are you most looking forward to about the event? 

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What does it take to become a truly data driven organisation?

We were excited to speak recently with Gladwin Mendez, one of our key speakers at CDAO Auckland.

We spoke about:

  • How data enables digital transformation, and digital transformation transforms business objectives
  • How to quantify the true value of data projects
  • Employee experience and the importance of people in a successful data-driven culture
  • And which session he is most looking forward to at CDAO Auckland

One of CDAO Auckland’s keynote speakers - Kari Jones, GM Analytics & Insights, Woolworths – was brought up on a diet of Star Trek and Isaac Asimov. She credits that with leading her on a path to data!


We spoke with Kari recently about:

1. How she has seen data and analytics become a supporter of business goals

2. How we can foster a data positive culture, and empower teams the broader organisation to use data

3. What the biggest challenges are in data and analytics and how to address them

4. What she is most looking forward to at CDAO Auckland




State of Data And Analytics Australia and New Zealand, 2022

Are data and analytics teams in Australia and New Zealand about to turn a corner?

Data and Analytics continues to have a significant impact on the decision-making processes of enterprises globally, brought about through big digitisation projects and a recognition of the power analytics and insights can have to improve all facets of an organisation.

This survey of 150 Australian & New Zealand data and analytics executives seeks to benchmark the industry’s progress and gauge to what extent data and analytics is driving business in the Australia and New Zealand region.

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Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics 2022

We publish these lists to acknowledge the incredible work that’s being done to advance the cause of data and analytics across the globe, and to highlight the achievements of the individuals at the leading edge of innovation.

In addition to honoring the 100 brilliant executives who make up this year’s list, this report also contains exclusive interviews with 23 of them, highlighting their key achievements of 2021, the challenges they’ve overcome along the way and their goals for 2022.

It truly provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the amazing people within our world of data & analytics.

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Top 100 BoD

Data and Analytics Trends in Financial Services, APAC 2022

How financial services data and analytics leaders in Asia Pacific are working to deliver digital customer experiences

Data and analytics leaders in the financial services sector are helping to transform the industry to be more digital-first and data-driven.

Deploying data architecture, implementing data-centric practices, improving customer interactions and ensuring appropriate data governance frameworks are among the few key areas financial services data leaders are focused on in improving their organisations’ ability to keep up with customer demand and remain relevant in 2022.

Download your copy of the full report today to find out more!

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1030 Informatica fSI pdf image-1

Perspectives from Healthcare-focused data and analytics leaders in Asia Pacific

While certain aspects of data collection and reporting have existed in various forms in healthcare for decades, there is renewed focus on innovation and increasing the role of data in making decisions across the sector. 

Featuring insights from six health-focused data and analytics leaders across Asia Pacific, this report explores the importance of data in healthcare, how it is put to work today, as well as some exciting applications and projects coming together in the region.

Download your copy today to find out more!

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