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21-23 November
Grand Millennium


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  • Tuesday August 9, 2022
  • Wednesday August 10, 2022
08:30 AM
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09:00 AM
Welcome from Corinium
09:05 AM
Keep Patient Data Secure And Protected
  • Do you have enough confidence and trust in the security of the systems holding your critical data?
  • What are the risks when sharing data to external providers?
  • Are you ready for tomorrow’s data protection, security and compliance challenges?
  • Security considerations when going to the cloud

Speaker: Angela Coble, CIO, Director Business Technology, Johnson and Johnson

09:40 AM
Thought Leader: Your Data Won’t Speak Unless You Ask It The Right Questions

How do you ensure data standardisation?

Data is most valuable when you have something to compare it to, but these comparisons aren’t helpful if the data is bad or irrelevant. The speed at which you can give a diagnosis, without spending more man hours confirming a diagnosis. This session will examine:

  • Data is only as good as the questions you ask it – how to craft the right question
  • The importance of using standardised terms and input fields to streamline staff work
  • How COVID has affected the speed needed for answers

Speaker: Reserved for Lead Sponsor

10:10 AM
Case Study: Implementing Strategic Management Of Data In Healthcare

With so much data gathered on the patients and their care it’s important to establish good practice and overcome practical barriers in the strategic management of data. With over 6 years’ experience setting up data management and governance teams join this session to learn:
• What is the scope of the data management
• What’s the difference between data management and data governance
• Who do you need on a data management team
• What are your priorities

Speaker: Dr Karolyn Kerr, Data Manager, IHC New Zealand Incorporated

10:40 AM
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11:00 AM
The State of Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability in New Zealand – Market Study Review

Speaker: Brian Biggs, Director, Customer Relations and Sales, New Zealand, Intersystems

11:30 AM
Case Study: Preparing For Enterprise Systems Transformation In Healthcare – A Data Migration Primer

Overview of key activities within a migration workstream.

  • Four different migration patterns – which one are you?
  • Effective migration governance - how to run it, and who should be there?
  • Key team roles and responsibilities
  • What does a good plan look like?
  • Where to start?

Speaker: Ali Khan, Director Data & Analytics, Auckland DHB

12:00 PM
Partner Presentation by Snowflake
12:30 PM

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01:30 PM
Case Study: Putting an AI through Medical School.

In a world where the pressure to deliver new and innovative ICT capability is only ever growing, and the threat actors are also increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, how can companies ensure they meet these challenges whilst still ensuring cyber resilience? During this session, you’ll hear experiences and lessons learned on Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) automation and different ways of improving and driving efficiency of your CSOC. Our speakers will provide an interesting point of comparison as their CSOC capabilities are vastly different sizes with very different remits, but yet some lessons will prove universal.

Varun Acharya, Deputy CISO, Healthscope


Samuel Morgan, Director Defence Security Operations Centre, Department of Defence

Nadia Taggart, Director Cyber Security Operations, Parliament House

02:00 PM
Discussion Group: Best Practices In Data Governance

How to create a framework to ensure high data quality and security. Data management has been a critical and a common practice employed across industries for many years. This session will look at:

  • How you can borrow and implement these practices
  • What is currently working in some DHBs?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring data governance implementation?


Mike Congdon, Senior Manager BI&I, HealthSource
Anna Tarasoff, Head of Platforms and Innovation, Southern Cross Health
Angela Coble, CIO, Director Business Technology, Johnson and Johnson

Anna Tarasoff, Head of Platforms and Innovation, Southern Cross Health

Angela Coble, CIO, Director Business Technology, Johnson and Johnson

03:00 PM
Afternoon tea

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03:30 PM
Presentation: Context Is Everything When It Comes to Data Literacy

Our approach to data literacy at Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) sees us attempt to make complex data contexts transparent, so as to try to narrow the gap between the meaning constructed by the writer and the meaning interpreted by the reader.

This session will discuss:

    • The importance of data standardisation to support work
    • What are the assumptions that people make about data and how to work with them
    • Data literacy that supports the effective functioning of the staff using it
    • How to respect the experience of participants and acknowledge that not all data comes from graphs and tables.
    • Learn from the success when this program was implemented.

Speaker: Stuart McCaw, Program Manager, Capital & Coast DHB

04:00 PM
Panel: How New Zealand’s Government Will Share And Manage Data

This session will help delegates understand what will happen with the data in each of the DHB regions under the NZ Health system reforms:

  • Citizens using their national health number – how will this be affected?
  • How citizens will be able to understand the importance of their own data
  • What changes will be made to citizens’ ability to adjust the privacy and view of their data?


Ryl Jensen, CEO, NZHIT

Sharon Shea, Principal, Shea Pita & Associates Ltd, CEO, Manawaroa Ltd, Co-Chair, Māori Health Authority, Representative on Health New Zealand Board

Patrick Ng, Chief Digital Officer, Southern DHB

04:30 PM
Case Study: Ethical Data Collection Of Māori Population

The health system reforms will enhance Māori rangatiratanga for Māori over hauora Māori and ensure greater influence throughout the entire health system. Join this presentation to hear how the collection of data was used to support the vaccination of Māori. To help ensure everyone has the same access to good health outcomes. Here we will look at:

  • What the vaccination roll out looked like before and after
  • How to create an unbiased data environment for Māori healthcare
  • How to support Māori to take control of their own health and wellbeing

Speaker: Daymon Nin, Chief Consulting Officer, Whānau Tahi Ltd

05:00 PM
Networking drinks
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05:30 PM
End of Conference Day 1
09:00 AM
Start of Day 2

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09:30 AM
Welcome from Corinium
09:35 AM
The New Zealand Healthcare System Is Where The Airline Systems Were 20 Years Ago – True Or False
  • How does New Zealand compare to the global landscape?
  • Is NZ lagging or leading? And how does this impact the service provided?
  • How can we learn from other industries to progress the technology adoption?


Ali Khan, Director Data & Analytics, Auckland DHB

10:00 AM
Case Study: Privacy, Consent And Ethics: Accessing, Anonymising, And Protecting Patient Data

In today’s environment of health care transformation, hospital and health system must evaluate every aspect of their governance processes, practices, meetings and composition to ensure being well-prepared for the changes ahead.

  • Identifying patients while de-identifying the data - navigating the checks and balances
  • Understanding DHB and Health Ministry efforts to link data sets
  • Techniques for streamlining the linking of patients across systems while maintaining anonymity
  • Ensuring privacy and ethics of data use

Speaker: Zoltan Varadi, General Manager - Performance Planning and Insights, St John New Zealand

10:30 AM
Morning tea

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11:00 AM
Presentation: Bridging The Talent Gap

How do Healthcare organisations recruit develop and retain top data and analytics talent?

  • Many staff that work in IT in the health sector have always worked in Health and have no comparisons of evolution and growth to measure. They do not have the exposure to other industries which have grown to their IT capacities
  • Where are the skilled IT data professionals coming from
  • A belief that you need a background in healthcare to work in Health IT

Speaker: Masum Billah, Head of Data Science, Tuwharetoa Health

11:30 AM
Case Study: Collaborative innovation in health data science


Speaker: Kevin Ross, Founder and Chair, NZ Data Science & Analytics Forum

12:10 PM
Presentation: Creating a Governance Framework for Health Data Management
  • Best practices in managing data assets in health and clinical care
  • Managing data fragmentation and creating a system from scratch
  • Delivering a comprehensive Data Governance Programme
12:30 PM

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01:30 PM
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Technology Adoption Model (TOM) in Building Analytics and AI Competency in a Hospital Environment. Aligning Theory to Practice.

There is exhaustive academic literature on TAM and TOM on HealthCare. However, very few studies have been published on pragmatic approaches and experiences which align these frameworks into tactical and strategic directions. Especially, when it comes to building Analytics and AI Competency within a Hospital setting.

This case study proposes a framework that may open up new and readily adoptable opportunities in the use of Analytics and AI for better health care.

Speaker: Ibrahim Shafiu, Business Intelligence Services Coordinator, Waikato DHB

02:00 PM
Case Study: Data Platform and Integrated Dashboard built for COVID response
  • The value of a dashboard/ data explorer over a comprehensive data model
  • Delivering self-service analytics for an emerging disease
  • The journey from an on-premises platform to a SaaS platform in a high change environment
02:30 PM
Afternoon tea

Get Refreshed! Mingle and chat with other attendees

03:00 PM
Discussion Group Round Tables: Should Everyone Have To Make A Hippocratic Oath When Using Patient Data?

Join a table and discuss the hypothetical Hippocratic oath and the ongoing consent discussion.

Always keep the patient/customer context firmly in view, transparency is key moving forward (and should be interpreted as a positive one). Think about the harm that can be done by not sharing data in the right way, balanced against the risk of a privacy breach, just because you can does not mean that you should.

This becomes an ongoing consent discussion. Where do you draw the line and what do you think should be mandated? How do you make patients aware of the impact this will have on holistic health approaches?


Zoltan Varadi, General Manager - Performance Planning and Insights, St John New Zealand

Sharon Shea, Principal, Shea Pita & Associates Ltd, CEO, Manawaroa Ltd, Co-Chair, Māori Health Authority, Representative on Health New Zealand Board

04:00 PM
Keynote: Future Trends In Healthcare

Join us to end the conference with some predictions and visions of the future. Hear what our speakers think the big trends and goals for the New Zealand Healthcare system and landscape will look like in 5 – 10 years time.

04:30 PM
End of Conference