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CDAO New Zealand

4-5 November, 2020

Interview with CDAO NZ speaker:
DR Kevin Ross, CEO, Precision Driven Health

Q1. How do you address the ethical considerations and customers’ concerns regarding the secondary use of data?

There are good frameworks for this. Transparency is key, and people are generally supportive of work that is good for society. We tend to be a bit timid and risk-averse and end up not delivering value as a result.

Q2. The analytics will only be as relevant as the decision and question along with it for the front line analytics piece: How do I ask the right questions of our data?

Start with the right questions. What does the organisation need to know, and see what the data can tell us. Don’t try to answer questions you cannot, and don’t spend a lot of time on questions nobody wants to know the answer to.


Q3. How do we set our teams up to be responsive to questions we can’t predict?

Simulating the sort of scenarios we are concerned about is a good start. Set people up to challenge each other.


Q4. How do data and analytics leaders support organisations during a crisis?

Keep focus on the right questions and the current knowledge.

Q5. What happens when you cannot use historical data to make decisions?

Switch to scenario planning rather than forecasting and automation.

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